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Vrykolakas Tales

Show of hands – how many know how to pronounce that?  It’s Greek, and pronounced “vre-KO-le-kus” but boy, you should have seen me slaughter it when I first pronounced it. This may sound cliched but Arabus Drake, Greek vampire, was born in a dream, an erotic dream and I became obsessed with him.  I wouldn’t call his novels erotica but he is sensual and there are sex scenes. Instead he is imbued with conflict, the kind that can be found in all mortals, and he demonstrates how this continues in a much more powerful way, with his expanded consciousness and demons controlling his abnormal abilities and thirst. I don’t know why I became obsessed – or maybe I do. The inability to die fascinates me. What better way to explore life and death through history than with someone who never dies? Creating Arabus subconsciously encouraged me to begin the conscious dive into various time periods, leading to my eventual master’s in history.

This novel is now available at Amazon, published by Solstice Shadows.